Friday, October 4, 2013

Review Week

Based on the ABCJLM curriculm, every fourth week is a review week. I enjoyed this week so much! I was able to make sure that KM was understanding everything that I had been teaching her, while I was able to see observe how much she had learned in such a short period of time.  All of this was new to her and she just absorbed it.  Every day wanting to do more.  She wanted to use her "Cat Book" (activity book) all the time.  This made me proud and that I was actually doing something that is making a difference in her life

Week 6
Theme: Review
Letter: Aa, Bb, Cc
Number:1 & 2
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue
Shape: Circle & Line
Book: The Giving Tree &Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Bible Story: Day 1-4 of Creation

Gross Motor Skill: Blocks
I used the Mega Blocks. We stacked them and see how tall we could build our towers.  I was able to go over colors and countings as we built and stacked the blocks.  She doesn't play with these as much as she used to, so I was glad to reintroduce them to her :)
Fine Motor Skill: Jumping & Follow the Leader
With all the others in her gymnastics class being 3 and able to jump, I try to encourage her working on this.  She tries.  This week, we lined up the couch cushions and jumped from one to the other, turning it to a Follow the Leader game. 
Of course, afterwards, a fort had to be made with the cushions... KM thought that it was funny to knock my fort over, and that lead to a tickle fight between her and J.  Love the sound of her laughter.
Craft: Coloring
Brought out some worksheets and reviewed the colors that we had learned.  She was given the option of each crayon and had to choose the corresponding crayon for each page.  Along with just coloring KM was showing off how she could draw her circles and lines. 


Sign Language:
review of the previous 3 weeks:
-Thank you

 The letters and the picture that I make each week get posted onto the top of her wall. So that eventually she will have the whole alphabet going around the top of her room. I love how this is turning out and allows me to go over the letters with her whenever I want to.
Thanks for ideas from abcjlm and 1+1+1=1, forever grateful for the blogs that these ladies run and have organized


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