Friday, October 11, 2013

Organizing Myself

I have a thing with organizing... I always am trying to organize myself (and everything in the house, for that matter), no matter how many times I have already done it.  IE: the cabinets and the fridge get organized every time that I go grocery shopping; the drawers get reorganized when I put away laundry ( and refolded if I see it fits).... Now I had TotSchool stuff, things that had been done, things that I had planned to do, supplies, etc.  So what to do with them???

Well I saw an idea on Pinterest (where else?) that would be great for this-- A portable teacher workbag, using a thirty one bag.  It was great! This bag is perfect to hold hanging file folders, store extra stuff, has tons of pockets, and of course I have several that were KM's diaper bags. 


Step One: Gather supplies
Of course this is me, so I bought hanging file folders with nothing to hang them on.  Good thing for Pinterest and Martha Stewart and a little tweaking and I was able to make one from a box and some fabric.

 Step Two: Make box
  I cut the box the sides off on the box (I am not sure how I had the right size box for this, but I did)
Applied Modge Podge and the fabric
Used Binder clips to hold the fabric up as it dried.

Step Three: Hang Folders
I made tabs for each week (there are two weeks per folder)
This allows me to have my lessons plans and everything that I need printed out, cut out, and put together ahead of time.  Also once the week is completed I can use the folder to store and keep it.

 Step Four: Put it all in the bag
Everything that I need is now in this bag.  The hanging file box, the sign language book, a manila envelope to hold the shape (so that I can reuse them), construction paper, pens, pencils, rules, and some craft supplies that I don't want KM to get into by herself- like paint. 
And that is it... It may not be much, but it truly helps me to keep everything all in one spot.  And I can take it anywhere... I mean this is TotSchool and KM is a two year old.... What doesn't need to be portable with this?


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