Friday, October 4, 2013

B is for Bear

Week 2 & 3
Theme: B is for Bear
Letter: B
Color: Blue
Shape: Line
Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Bible Story: Day 3 of Creation

Gross Motor Skills:  Jumping forward (frog, kangaroo)(abcjlm),
       Okay...To the Pinterest app ( very helpful with a 2 year old)
        Set up a line of stuffed animals and jump over them,
        And back to it Walk like a bear,
        Clean water table and play outside.
        KM did do the bear walk the following week during gymnastics, as though she knew how to do it all along.... Guess she learned something from me walking around on my hands and feet with my butt up in the air.  

Fine Motor Skills: Sorting
I used ice cube trays and some blue and whit decrotive rocks.  Kylie sorted them into the compartment by color, or however she felt like it.
I counted the rocks as she put them in, and than again by the number that she got into
each compartment. 
We had tongs, spoons (large and small), and spatulas to play with as well.

Craft: Letter B butterflies
           KM colored on papers, I folded them in half, drew the letter B and cut it out.  We she unfolder the B she saw that it was a butterfly.  More coloring, while working on our circles and lines.

This week I learned that it is important to have back-ups for what you have planned.  Then have a back-up for your back-up. When that fails pull out your phone, open Pinterest, and go through the list till you find something. 

And my two favorite sites that help me every week: ABCJLM & 1+1+1=1

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