Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Blog

I had originally started a blog when I was pregnant with my rainbow, but for about a year now it has been dead... My life has changed drastically since I was writing that blog so I figured a new page was in order.

My original blog told about what happened to my angel Kamryn Lynn (KL) and the pregnancy of my rainbow baby, Kylie Marie (KM). 

Since I last wrote on the blog I have separated from their father and have found myself in a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend, JJ.  KM and I have began our new lives and found ourselves in a new family that could not have been better for us.  With the growing of the relationship we have found that we want to expand the family more, we are planning on adding a second rainbow.  This blog will become the story of the journey of getting pregnant, the pregnancy (when it does happen) and watch, teaching, and learning as KM grows up.

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