Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taking it slowly

I've been taking the TotSchool a lot slower than I had planned.  I was able to get week 1 ("A") in one week and she picked it up.  "B" week we did for two weeks, and I will be doing the same thing for "C".  I decided to do this child-led, which means that I am on her terms not on mine.  I may go through 5 different activities before I find one that she wants to stick with for more than 30 seconds.  But she actually enjoys it, it is what excites her and what KM wants to do over and over again. 

Through this process I am amazed at how I am able to watch this child grow and learn right in front of my eyes.  How she is so happy and proud of herself.  I want her to keep this attitude throughout her life, I wish that I could protect her from all the things that will change this view.  From this experience, how ever long it will last (as long as she is enjoying and learning), I want KM to see that there is something to learn from even the little things. That from every experience that you will run into there is something that you can learn.  I want her to know to focus on what interest her, to make sure that she keeps her passions strong, and to know that even when you think you know everything- there is always something new to find out.  I want her to be able to look at a subject from every angle, see different opinions and views on the same topic, and to come to her own conclusion.

I am doing TotSchool not just so that she is learning all the "necessary" things.  I am doing it to give her opportunities so that she can teach herself instead of it being forced.  She is in charge in this school. Learning is games and activities.  It is always about the seeds that had been planted, right? So here I am planting the seeds and hope, through out life, she remembers to water them; to watch those seeds grow into big beautiful flowers

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